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Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Surgery

Even though gynecomastia is an embarrassing topic of discussion there are various synonyms for it. It’s referred to as Male Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia Treatment, Male chest correction procedure, Man boobs or moobs. Primary reason for gynecomastia condition is hormonal imbalance in male. Gynecomastia is the excessive growth of the gland or breast tissue causing enlargement of male chest.Although it’s not a physically damaging condition, it can certainly affect individual psychologically. Awkward personality and embarrassment with social situation are often linked with men who suffer from this condition. A successful Gynecomastia surgery would help these individual with their social confidence level.

Signs and symptoms of gynecomastia:

  • Swelling of breast gland tissue.
  • The breast becomes tender.
  • The diameter of the areola increases, or the chest tissue becomes asymmetrical.
  • Persistent swelling, tenderness or pain.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery – General Information:

Firstly it is important to understand your breast tissues to comprehend the procedure. These tissues are categorized into two kinds:
  1. Glandular tissue which is dense and firm
  2. Fatty tissue which is soft

The ratio of these both tissues varies from person to person. If the fatty tissue is excessive, liposuction may be needed (Liposuction is used to remove the localized fat deposits from the chest. This provide flat and manly look). If the glandular tissue is overboard then the excess of it can be surgically removed with a scalpel. At times, a combination of both may be required to treat gynecomastia.

In most cases prospective patients of Gynecomastia base their decision of cosmetic clinic or surgeon on cost and convenience. We make sure our patients receive best possible care and service at most affordable price. Prospective patient can even ask for a quote for their gynecomastia surgery. Our pricing system is transparent, so rest assured about getting full value for your money. Gynecomastia procedure costing factors are your surgeon’s fee, clinic/hospital charges, Anesthesia doctor’s fee, medicine fee and some special garment charges. If you’re planning an excellent result not just a typical cosmetic surgery do call Alluremedspa today! Call Us at +91 9869041559 or email at and you’ll hear our counsellor discussing your problem.

Gynecomastia Surgery Before & After Photos-

Obvious and assured way to find doctor’s capability is by looking at images of his previous patients. Individual should keep in mind that sometimes these pictures are taken immediately after surgery, and hence any visible scars they see are temporary. Alluremedspa pride itself in providing transparency, and hence for your referral purpose we have provided this before and after Gallery section where you’ll see how many of our previous patients result were. [nggallery id=3]

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Ask Your Surgeon

Q1. What is gynecomastia and how do I know if I have it?

When breast tissues in men get overdeveloped and breasts become noticeably larger or puffier, at times, tender and asymmetrical, it is known as gynecomastia.

Q2. What treatments are available for gynecomastia?

The treatment for gynecomastia follows pre-op consultation, surgical procedure and post-op recovery and care pattern. Sometimes, the non-invasive option can be taken into consideration.

Q3. How much does a gynecomastia treatment cost?

The cost of the gynecomastia varies from condition to condition and doctor to doctor. The surgery, however, doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Since the surgery is performed keeping all the individual challenges in the mind, one can discuss his requirements, apprehensions and fears with the surgeon. Read more


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About Dr. Milan Doshi

Dr. Milan Doshi- Gynecomastia Surgeon/ Doctor in Mumbai, India

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon Dr.Milan Doshi at world class center Allure medspa, Mumbai, India.Dr.Milan Doshi is member of ISAPS (International Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), APSI (Association of Plastic Surgery Of India), IAAPS (Indian Association Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), IMA (Indian Medical Association), AMC (Association Of Medical Consultants Mumbai). He has constantly kept himself updated in modern technology of cosmetic surgery, along with latest in field of cosmetic science by attending seminar and lectures worldwide. Dr.Doshi will make sure you’re experience of gynecomastia procedure is hassle free.. Read more

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